Rave Wear?


When going to a rave you need things that are loose fitting and allow you to move with the energy. You should avoid items that make you think make you look hot and rather go with things that make you comfortable. Another important part of the way you dress is the colours you choose to wear. Raves have a lot of lights and colours. People usually want to have different looking clothes with bright colours that stand out.
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In a rave, Wear shoes that you can move in, do Comfortable Clothing and whatever type of pants you choose, they should be baggy and long.
Clothes to wear to a rave are UFO Pants, which are loose-fitting clothing, to enable the raver dance more comfortably. Ufo pants are normally held with belts with wild belt buckles. Ravers also wear t-shirts and mostly canvas footwear.
If you like attending raves then you'll have lots of fun dancing. You will basically be able to wear anything that you want to wear since there is no judging.
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