What should be written in a "get well soon" card?


A "get well soon" card message should contain a heartfelt message that expresses a wish for hope and wellness. The specific message written also depends on the relationship between the giver and the receiver of the card. For example, if the giver is a close family member, loved one or friend, messages are typically more personalized than a "get well soon" card given by an office mate or an acquaintance.

It is always a good idea to remain positive when writing a message in a "get well soon" card, as this gives the individual a sense of hope that the giver has high hopes for a recovery. Positive messages include, "wishing you a speedy recovery," "thinking of you" and "best wishes on a full recovery." Positive messages bring positive energy, and knowing that people are pulling for them is often just what the doctor ordered.

There are several options when it comes to "get well soon" cards. Humorous cards offer a great way to lift the spirits of someone who is recovering from surgery or a long illness. Musical "get well soon" cards are designed to play an uplifting tune when opened and are a lovely option for music lovers.

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