What Does 411 Mean in Slang?


411 is a slang term that means information, the latest gossip or what is hot in town. This term is used in casual statements in text messages, SMS, chat rooms as well as bulletin boards.
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Because that is the phone number to dial in the United States for directory information from the operator.
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411 is an acronym, abbreviation slang word used on the internet. The slang means information. An examples of 411 used is whats the 411 meaning what is the information ...
The meaning of 411 is to provide information. If you dial 411 on your phone, you will be lead to the information line. You can then get phone numbers and information ...
411 is a slang word which means information. It is always associated with confidential information. The word 411 is also associated with gossip or grapevine. ...
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