What Does 555 Mean?


The number 555 represents desire and lust and is an expression of emotion, laughing or crying. In Thai, the number 5 is pronounced as ‘ha’ so 555 is slang for ‘hahaha’. Also, the Washington Monument in Washington DC stands 555 feet. Some people believe that 555 is just the kinder version of 666.
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IC555 is famous as Timer IC. In Timer Mode, a RC Network is used to determine time constant. Time constant is given by 1.1*R*C. When this time exceeds, it triggers.
1. Unplug the circuit from power. Before you override the 555 timer, you want to ensure that there is no active electric flow coming into the outlet to prevent potential electric
is a brand of sardines.
In North America, telephone numbers with the prefix 555 are widely used for fictitious telephone
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According to the Biblical context, the number 555 has different meanings. Some of these meanings include the number of people who walked in darkness in Isaiah ...
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Triple numbers are numbers in threes. For instance 111 or 555. For fortune tellers, this is translated to mean something. To the rest of the world they are just ...
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