What Does 925 Mean on a Gold Bracelet?


925 on a gold bracelet means the gold bracelet is 92.5 percent pure.
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What Does 925 Mean When Printed on a Gold Bracelet?
Gold, one of the most precious metals in the world, has been used in making jewelry and decorative artifacts for thousands of years. Most gold jewelry today is inscribed with a hallmark or karat measurement to indicate gold purity.... More »
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The 925 stamp on many pieces of gold jewelry means that the piece is made of of 92.5 percent pure gold and usually, sterling silver is what compromises the rest ...
925 gold is 925/1,000 parts gold or 92.5 percent gold (22.2k). 100 percent gold designated as 24k. Many jewellers will imprint a three-digit hallmark into gold ...
Gold jewellery stamped 925 indicates fineness of the gold, that is 925 parts of gold per 1000 weight. ...
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