What Does 925 on Sterling Silver Mean?


925 means that it is only 99.9% sterling silver of 925. They are genuine and high quality sterling silver, rather than silver plate. The number indicates the metal also indicates 7.5% of copper alloy. It is a customary used by craftsmen.
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925 refers to the 92.5 percent content of silver in the alloy. The other 7.5 percent usually consists of copper, which does not change the color of silver but adds to its hardness
Pure silver is extremely malleable and can be easily damaged. It also softens over time even at room temperature. To avoid these problems and increase the life-span of your silver
that's a fancy way of saying something is silver plated. They are trying to trick people into believing the 925 and the sterling silver, but the important thing is the 'layered'
Between August and September 2012, the price per ounce of silver went from
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The 925 on sterling silver means that it is sterling silver. Sterling silver is 9.25 pure and that is where the number comes from. Pure silver is too soft to use to make anything and that is why it must be mixed with something else.
The stamp 925 on sterling silver, means that it is the purest silver you can get for jewelry. The item contains 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% is a metal that is added to make the silver strong.
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925 is a sterling silver identification mark used on jewellery to mean that the jewellery consists of 92.5 silver but plated with the metal that the seller of ...
Gold stamped "925" is probably gold-plated sterling silver. The "925" is part of a precious metals hallmark system, but only silver is denoted ...
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