What Does a BA Degree Stand for?


BA Degree stands for Bachelor of Arts Degree. It is offered to a person who has successfully completed his or her undergraduate studies normally ion the branch of liberal arts or humanities. It usually takes three to four ears depending on the academic institution and country.
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It is a paper that says that you went to school for 2 or more years in a certain field of study such as Health Administration, Health Administration in Medical records, and Criminal
Bachelor of Arts
BA is short for Bachelors Arts degree in verus topic of study! ChaCha!
1. Decide what you want to study. BA degrees are offered in many different academic areas, from art history to zoology. Try to study a subject related to your career goal, for example
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A BA is a type of degree that is earned in universities and some four year colleges. The initials BA stand for a Bachelor's of Arts in a given liberal arts related ...
BA stands for a Bachelor of Arts degree, while a Bsc stands for Bachelor of Science. Bachelor's degrees are academic degrees awarded to undergraduate students ...
BAS, in the military sense, stands for Basic Allowance for Subsistence. BAS is a monthly allowance that is meant to pay for meals for the enlisted person but not ...
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