What Does a Band Manager Do?


A band manager is someone who generally takes care of the 'business' of the band. They book and organise gigs, promotions and concerts.
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To be a band manager you must first learn the industry. There's a great book written by entertainment lawyer Donald Passman and often refered to as the band managers Bible. The book
1. Know the industry. Colleges are adding music-related business courses to their curriculums. Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts offers a Music Industry degree; Berklee
1 Meet with your band regularly to discuss the direction they want to go and to examine their songs, equipment, image, etc. All of these aspects of the band should match up. (For
I was not able to find a name for their manager, but their MySpace Page does have the names of their publicity people, booking agents, and label contacts: http://www.myspace.com/ofmontreal
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To manage a band first find a band that you're interested in managing then research their background and their previous gigs then go see the band perform also ...
There are many things you must do in order to manage a band effectively. One thing you must be able to do is get them gigs or paid shows other than that you have ...
To become a band manager, you must learn the industry of music and all its aspects. Create your own management company by getting a name, creating business cards ...
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