What Does a Bishop Wear?


Bishops wear different things according to their Church traditions. Generally, many bishops wear Long, white linen tunic-like robe, a stole (long thin band of material worn around the neck) and an Episcopal ring; the symbol of the bishop’s espousal to the Church. They also wear fascia (Sash): Wide belt worn around the waist.
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Bishops wear particular regalia which are exclusive of the Order of Bishop, the completion of the Sacrament of Holy Orders - the pectoral cross, ring, mitre, crozier -staff- and pallium. The common regalia which identify a bishop are the pectoral cross and the ring. The pectoral cross -crux pectoralis- is worn by the Holy Father, cardinals, bishops, and abbots.
A Bishop wears a small, elegant mantle over a short skirt that barely. This is just for the Catholic Bishop as other Bishops wear quite different clothes.
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