What Does a Black Eyed Susan Look like?


Black Eyed Susan is a flower. It is a member of the daisy flower group. They bloom in mid summer for about an month. Occasionally, you can see them in the early fall.
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The black-eyed Susan grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet, is hardy in growing zones 3 to 8, and blooms from June to October. Texas A&M University states that the black-eyed Susan
Blacked eyed susans have black centers and yellow leaves. They are very bright, happy colors.
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The flowering plants live until frost hits and then they will die. They come up every year. If you leave the flowers on you will see that the flower head will ...
The Black Eyed Susan is a flower that grows to about 3 feet tall, from June to October in growing zone 3 to 8. The Black Eyed Susan thrives in full sun. ...
1. Plan to plant black-eyed Susans in either the spring or fall. 2. Start black-eyed Susan plants from seeds or propagate by dividing them. If you plant seeds ...
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