What Does a Bluetooth Dongle Do?


First start by downloading all the drivers and software that came with the installation CD then restart your computer and your dongle adapter will be functioning. Sync it with Bluetooth items such as keyboards, mice or even headsets. Put the Bluetooth adapter in sync mode through the desktop software you installed previously. Once these devices are connected they will be able to function together in your Bluetooth area network. If you need to make changes or set preferences, you can do that by setting up the software from the start menu.
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1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into your computer's USB 2.0 slot. Note, most computers built after 2005 have USB ports that conform to the USB 2.0 standard, but check your owner's
1. Plug the dongle into a free USB port on your computer. Insert it just like you would a USB flash drive. Your computer should automatically detect the device and install any drivers
A small device that enables computers to communicate with Bluetooth devices.
it actually add a bluetooth capability to your computer/laptop if your computer/laptop doesn't have one. So that if your phone have bluetooth you don need cable to sent files to your
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A Bluetooth dongle, also referred to as a Bluetooth adapter, is a device that gives a computer Bluetooth capability. This is wireless technology that allows for the transfer of files from one device to the other over a limited range.
The first step towards using your Bluetooth Dongle is to plug it into a USB port on the computer and switch on the mobile phone. The two devices will detect one another and request to be paired by setting the same 4 digit pass code on both devices. A secure communication link will be established after pairing successfully.
Bluetooth dongles are easy to use; in fact, they are based on the concept of plug and play. They are compatible with operating systems like Windows, vista, Linux and Macintosh. To activate a Bluetooth dongle, all you need is to plug it into the USB port of the computer; no additional software is required in order to activate it.
To use Bluetooth dongle, insert the dongle in a computer and install the necessary software and drivers. Next, turn on the Bluetooth properties of the devices to be connected and launch the connection process. Enter the PIN codes as required to pair the devices.
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To use a USB Bluetooth dongle; insert it into your PC or laptop, click Next to install the blue tooth drivers, and then right click on the blue tooth and select ...
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