What Does a Bricklayer Do?


A bricklayer also known as a mason is a craftsman who lays bricks in construction of brickwork. The term is also used when referring to personnel who use blocks in construction of block work walls and other forms of masonry.
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Bricklayers can also be called masons and is a craftsman skilled in building with bricks.
You need a certification like the one offered by City and Guilds. You also need to work as an apprentice for a qualified craftsman. You must be physically fit since you have to lift heavy objects.
To become a bricklayer, complete your high school education with an emphasis on mathematics and drafting. A secondary school diploma is usually not necessary to complete your professional certification as a brick layer but you will find it much easier to secure an apprenticeship if you have finished high school. Knock on doors around your local town or city to secure a brick layer apprenticeship with a construction contractor where an apprentice works as an on-the-job helper, assisting more experienced brick layers in the construction of walls and other exterior structures at reduced or half pay wages. An apprenticeship is essential in gaining the knowledge and experience required to grow and learn. Find an accredited 3 year apprenticeship program through the company that hired you and your formal training combines your on-the-job experience with a minimum of 144 hours of in-class instruction per year. Complete your apprenticeship while adding your skills on the job. Soon, you should develop the skills you need to become a brick layer, including wall and partition building, welding, blueprint reading and proper use of the tools of brick laying. Remember that you may still be allowed to take an examination even if you have foregone formal apprenticeship training. In such situations, you will normally need considerable experience at times up to 10 years, to circumvent the in-class education component. Learn more about the career opportunities you qualify for after you become a brick layer and once you have some professional experience as a brick layer, you can become an estimator, supervisor or independent contractor.
The work of a Bricklayer is to prepare and lay bricks, concrete blocks, stone and other masonry units as well as to construct, erect and repair structures such as walls, partitions, patios, arches, paving, fireplaces, smokestacks and chimneys. A good brisk layer must possess traits such as: Manual dexterity and a good sense of balance, strength and stamina to work with heavy tools and materials, ability to work at heights, strength to move heavy ladders or set up scaffolding, desire to do a precise and thorough job.
A bricklayer is an individual whose line of work involves laying bricks ,concrete blocks, stones to construct walls for houses, buildings and other forms of masonary.They also repair and erect structures.
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