What Does a Centipede Bite Look like?


The first bite of centipedes may not be noticed. However, as the allergen goes into the human body system, rashes will then appear. Sometimes, it is itchy and it appears red.
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A centipede's bite is painful, due in part to a pair of venomous tipped claws located directly beneath its head, which is used to inject venom into its prey. This causes localized
Looks like a vampire bite. :
A centipede's bite is venomous (not dangerous to humans) which causes localized
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What Does a Centipede Bite Look Like?
Centipedes are an insect of the Chilopoda class. Over 20 families and 3,000 species of centipedes have been found worldwide. Most centipedes that the average person will encounter are non-aggressive, with a few notable exceptions, and only bite when they... More »
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If you think that you may have been bitten by a centipede there are some things to look for. Like most bites it will be red and swollen, have a small puncture wound and it may be numb.
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