What Does a Chinese Dragon Look like?


The Chinese Dragons are mythological creatures thought to have lived many years ago. They had a strange physical appearance as they had body parts from different creatures. In some dragons, the head looked like that of a camel, the ears were like those of a cow and the neck was like for a snake. Other dragons had a belly like a frog’s, paws like those of a tiger, claws like those of an eagle and they had whiskers on the sides of the mouth.
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The Chinese Dragon is an important symbol in China. You will need 2 strips of red and yellow paper, yellow, white, red and orange paper. Sequins, a pencil glue and scissors. For more
Chinese Dragans have long-thin bodies like snakes, horns like a deer.
1. Use a box big enough to fit over a head for the dragon's head. Cut out areas to represent the eyes and the mouth. 2. Bend the wire into shapes that represent the ears and horns
1. Draw two medium-sized circles. that almost touch each other. This is an example of a pair of dragon eyes. 2. Draw two angry looking eyebrows so the dragon can look more fiercer
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