What Does a Civet Cat Look like?


A civet cat has a masked face with a thick and coarse body filled with fur. It weighs about 10 kg to 12 kg and erects long hair down its back when thrilled. Its limbs are short and black in colour.
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Masked Palm Civet
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Viverridae Genus: Paguma Species: Paguma larvata
The body ranges from 50 to 76 cm in length, and the tail is between 50 and 64 cm long. The ears are approximately 4 to 6 cm long. Weight depends on gender and age, but adults vary between 3.6 and 5 kg. Their relatively short pelage... More »
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The civet cat looks like more of an otter or mongoose than a regular cat. It is about 17-18 inches in length and has a long pointed muzzle.
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A civet cat has the general appearance of a cat but they have an extend and often pointed muzzle that looks more like an otter or a mongoose.
it looks somewhat like a ferret.
Civet Cat raccoon-like omnivorous mammal of Mexico and the southwestern United States having a
(Continued from Page 1) What Exactly is the Civet Cat? The civet is a mostly nocturnal animal, from the. Viverridae. family, found in Africa, , and the East Indies. It is approximately
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