What Does a Concert Promoter Do?


A concert promoter is an individuals, group or companies responsible for organising a live concert special event performance or a tour. Basically, it's the concert promoter's job to advertise and then sell all the tickets at each venue that will be used.
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A concert promoter is a person who contracts with artists in order to organise and book their concerts. They interface with the artists and venue owners to set up a concert date and igning of the contract on behalf of the artists. His other roles are to ensure that advertisements are done in newspapers, local radios and television on time..
A concert promoter is a person, organization or company that takes all the responsibility of presenting a live music event, club night or festival. His or her duties are renting the venue, paying for advertising, promotions, performers and their hotel & travel expenses, technicians, and other financial obligations.
A concert promoter is a person, an organization or a company that take full duty of presenting a live music festival, event or club night. His/her duties consist of hiring the venue, paying for promotions, advertisers, technicians, performers and their hotel and travel expenses, and other financial obligations that may arise.
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