How Much Does a Concrete Block Weigh?


Concrete blocks are rectangular blocks used in the construction industry commonly to build walls. They are made of a mixture of cement, water and weigh between 38 to 50 lbs or 18-19 Kilograms.
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What Does a Concrete Block Weigh?
Constructing buildings can be a long and expensive process. Contractors constantly look for ways to save money, materials and time. Concrete blocks have become an indispensable material in the building of foundations and walls because they are ergonomic,... More »
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It depends on kind and size of concrete block you are asking about. A typical foundation blocks weighs about 46lbs. Go here to find the exact block you are looking ...
Concrete blocks come in different weight classes. A standard 8 x 8 x 16 block weighs 35 pounds in heavy weight, 32 pounds in medium weight, and 28 pounds in light ...
First the required amounts of sand, gravel, and cement are transferred by gravity or by mechanical means to a weigh batcher which measures the proper amounts of ...
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