What Does a Court Clerk Do?


A court clerk is a person who is employed to keep records and perform in the routine business of a court, legislature or board. The court clerk also assists a judge or senior attorney in research and drafting of documents.
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A court clerk is a court employee whose main responsibility is storing the physical exhibits introduced as evidence at the trial. He/she maintains records for the court and administers oaths to witnesses, grand jurors and jurors.
A clerk of court or a court clerk refers to an officer who has a number of responsibilities that he or she carries out in a court. This officer maintains the court records and he or she administers oaths during court proceedings.
A court clerk's job is basically to file and maintain court records, financial files, employee records and copies of legal documents. Her responsibilities depend largely on the size of the jurisdiction, and if she has a staff she can delegate some certain tasks.
A clerk of court is an officer of the court who has a number of duties, including maintaining the court records and administering oaths to witnesses and jurors. He or she is also responsible for the court's seal that is used to validate court orders and judgements.
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