What Does a Data Entry Clerk Do?


The responsibilities and duties of an office clerk vary depending on the needs of a specific employer or job. The duties or responsibilities of an office clerk include photocopying, faxing, proofreading, filing, keyboarding, data entry, and answering phone calls. A data entry clerk may work primarily as a word processor, a typist, a transcriptionist, or may be involved in entering streams of information/data into various existing programs. Some data entry clerks may also input information that are being developed or built into programs.
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A data entry clerk also known as a typist, is an office staff who reads hand-written or printed records and types them into a computer. They can also be called transcriptionists.
A data entry clerk can be a transcriptionist, typist or a person who reads hand-written or printed records and types them into a computer via a keyboard through the use of a computer program.
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