Dead Mouse Smell?


The smell of a dead mouse is hard to describe but it is simply the smell of death. The odour lasts only a day and the smell is commonly noticeable among a group of mice and not a single mouse.
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Smell is usually the first indication of a hidden and decaying mouse or rat. The smell will be pungent in odor and smell like rotten meat.
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A dead mouse emanates an overwhelming combination of sulphur dioxide, methane and benzene smell. This smell last for over a month even after the mouse has been ...
A dead mouse smell can be really nasty, especially if several mice die around the same area. To eliminate the smell, find the dead rodents and bury them outside. ...
To get rid of dead mice smell you will need some plastic gloves, a Ziploc bag, an onion, a knife, a plate, some vinegar and an odor eliminator. You can find more ...
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