What Does a Dingo Eat?


Dingoes are carnivorous animals and have a very diverse diet ranging from water buffalo to insects. They are opportunist feeders and are known to hunt anything including fouls, wallabies, geese, lizards, kangaroos, hares and small rodents such as mice and rats.
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Dingoes eat meat from animals.
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A dingo is a wild dog that eats reptiles, mammals and even insects. A dingo can also consume dead meat as well as some types of plants. A dingo does not bark but it can howl as a way of sending a message.
Dingos eat various things as they are wild animals. Many dingos prefer to eat smaller animals such as possums. Also, they like to eat rabbits and birds.
Dingos eat mostly rabbits. They will eat injured, or slow animals, or even roadkill. Some of these are possums, rabbits, and birds. They live somewhat like the coyotes in the USA.
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