What Does a Double Crown Look like?


A double crown looks like two separate and distinct spirals on the top of the head. When one has a double crown, the hair will have different growth patterns which are evenly spaced on the back of the head.
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1. Measure the diameter of the head by wrapping measuring tape from the forehead around the back of the head. Use a ruler to make a straight line that measures the same distance on
Most people have a single point in the back of their head from which a lot of hair seems grow outwards. It almost appears as the center of a spiral. Some people have two such points
The ancient Egyptian double crown (shmty) consists of the white crown of upper Egypt (hedjet) inside the red crown of lower Egypt (deshret) It is thus a half visible white crown covered
The Double Crown is located at 316 Bowery (Bleecker Street), New York, NY -
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