What Does a Farmer Do?


A farmer is an individual who engages in agriculture and raises living organisms for food or raw materials. The farmer also does livestock husbandry and grows crops such as grain and different produce. A farmer also takes decisions on when to plant, fertilise, harvest and sell crops.
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1. Understand that farming is a huge responsibility. You are in charge of all operations, sectors and enterprises that make up that farm, and have the responsibility to manage them
How do farmers harvest cranberries? If you've seen the juice commercials with the farmers standing around in hip waders, you might have a clue. Cranberries are native to North America
1. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce to discuss the concept of starting a farmer's market. They will know if one already exists or if people have tried and failed in the past.
An individual who works or runs a farm or ranch is often referred to as a "farmerer. They are particularly farmers who grow corn and other produce rather than raising animals
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The amount of money a farmer makes per year varies from farmer to farmer. His salary depends on what crop he grows and the contracts he may have. ...
The Farmer's Alliance was a movement that was organized by American farmers. It was developed by the farmers in 1870 when they were prosperous. The main goal of ...
A yeoman farmer is an England farmer who owned or leased his farm and could do as he pleased on the land, grow what he wanted to grow and sell what he wanted to ...
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