What Does a Fisher Eat?


A fisher is a medium sized mammal found in North America. It is a member of mustelid family. They are generalist predators that can feed on any animal. They mainly feed on carrion. They also supplement their meat diet with insects , nuts, berries, and mushrooms.
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what does a fisher eat tell me now.
While fishers eat the same range of items that are in a marten's diet, they tend to
Fishers are predators themselves (they eat rodents and such) I don't believe there are animals that would kill them for food, maybe larger predators like big cats or bears, but fishers
Small fish, frogs, and other small animals they find in the shallow water areas they frequent.
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A fisher is someone that catches fish. Some fishers keep their fish and sell them. Some fishers keep their fish and eat them. Some fishers toss their fish back ...
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1. Make a bait mixture for the fisher cats. Perhaps the easiest foods to procure that fishers eat are beechnuts, black cherries and mountain ash berries. If possible ...
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