What Does a Garden Snake Look like?


A Garden snake such as a garter snake is stripped against a plain background colour. It can also have red or yellow stripes along the sides of the body. A garden snake utilises its tongue for its sense of smell and will frequently flick its tongue into the air.
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Garter snakes are sometimes referred to as Garden snakes. These snakes are easy to identify due to the narrow stripe down the back, which is usually yellow or tan. They can be found near the edges of ponds or basking on rocks. You can find more information here: http://www.bentler.us/eastern-washington/animals/reptiles/snakes/common-garter-snake.aspx
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Garden snakes are small and usually under two feet long. They typically carry red, yellow, orange, blue or white colors on their striped scales. Look here for more information: http
There is no such species as a 'garden snake'
1. Study the snake's unique size and coloring. Garden snakes are generally at least two feet long, with the largest ones reaching three feet in length. Some garden snake species have
1 Find any brushy areas heavily shaded or areas where they can shelter under rocks, logs, lawn ornaments or any holes in the ground. Ad 2 Place traps in these ar
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