What Does a GED Certificate Look like?


A GED certificate looks basically the same as a high school diploma except instead of the school name it will say general equivalency or something similar. You can find more information here: http://diplomas.bravehost.com/ged.jpg
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The purpose of obtaining a GED is to show high school equivalency when a formal education has not been completed. In order to earn a certificate, you must pass a test that covers
just like a regular deploma, just says General Education Diploma instead of just Diploma.
It would be quicker and easier to just get your GED.
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What Does a GED Certificate Look Like?
A general education diploma, or GED, is issued by a state and is considered equivalent to a high school diploma. To pass the GED test, you must score higher than 60 percent of graduating seniors.... More »
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A GED diploma looks essentially like a high school diploma except it says general equivalency instead of the high school name. It also says the date you got the ...
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