What Does a Geologist Do?


A geologist has a unique job. They are responsible for studying the earths' history, its' materials, and its' processes. One very important task is the research of natural disasters, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. You can find more information here: http://geology.com/articles/what-is-geology.shtml
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In Greek/Latin, "geo" means "earth" "ology" means "the study of" From this, it is easily deduced that "geology" means "the study
( jē′äl·ə·jəst ) (geology) An individual who specializes in the geological sciences.
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A geologist studies the processes that occur on earth which include earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and landslides. This study helps avoid any future damage ...
How much money a Geologist makes depends upon who he or she works for. However, the salary range can be from a low of $65,000.00 to a high of approximately $130,000.00 ...
A geologist knows that rock layers are undisturbed by closely examining the physical properties of the rock layers. When rock layers are disturbed they will usually ...
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