What Does a Hickory Tree Look like?


A hickory tree looks like a medium-sized tree with shining medium green leaves. This tree grows over thirty feet in height and spreads to an umbrella shape. The hickory tree generally produces hickory nuts.
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1. Look around the base of hickory trees during the early autumn. Identify the nuts by the green golf ball size globes. You may find two attached to a single stem or single nuts.
1. Look for long and narrow leaves that grow in a compound structure, meaning several leaves extend from each stalk (rachis) 2. Measure the leaf with a ruler. Depending on the species
The hickory tree grows to about 100 feet and it's branches can spread to 25 feet.
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There are several varieties of hickory trees and each have their own unique look. The Shagbark Hickory tree is known for its shaggy bark which is the reason for the name. You can find more info at: www.hickorytree.net
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