What Does a High Lymph Mean in a CBC?


A high lymph in a CBC means that the person would bensuffering from an infection of a viral nature. High Lymph is only a marker. Thenpatient must correlate these findings with a clinical examination.
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High lymph % can be caused by mild infection to blood cancers. This is something that if only slightly elevated (10 pts or less) is usually no cause for concern. I am not a Dr. but
When I see Variant Lymphs on a blood smear, that means the Lymphs are not normal looking; either they are reactive or they are immature. I can tell by observing morphology under a
Hello George: The blood count normal range are arrived at as an average of values of a given set of normal population. Since this is an average there are people who would fall on
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The most commonly used hematology tests to monitor HIV infection are the complete blood count (CBC) and lymphocyte subsets. As the name CBC implies, this test ...
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