What Does a Journalist Do?


Journalists search for news and bring it to the public as fast as possible. Their main aim is to present stories in a clear, engaging style. They may go to press launches, council meeting, courts and other events in search of news and stories. They also interview people by phone or in person.
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1. Be prepared to send out a lot of resumes and cover letters and be prepared to do a lot of interviewing. Nothing comes easy, especially with this kind of job. You need to have writing
A Journalist means someone who is a reporter for newspapers AND magazines
1. Enjoy writing. Write everyday, read newspapers/magazines everyday, watch the news to keep up with current affairs and be devoted to literature. If you don't enjoy writing, reading
Well I enjoy it - you learn something new every day. It can be tough to weed out the wheat from the chaff in press releases, and getting hold of papers can be hard, but when you end
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Journalism is what a journalist practices. It is the act of conveying news, opinions and other forms of media to the public. Media is often said to be a way for people in power to manipulate the ideas and views of the people of the world!
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