What does a kiss on the forehead mean?


A kiss on the forehead is a nonsexual show of affection. It is shared between people regardless of race, gender, sexual affinity, or familial or personal relationship statuses. Such a kiss is often viewed as a celebratory act in sporting and major life events, though there are many occasions where forehead contact is more for the purpose of showing care.

A forehead kiss is an intimate act shared between two consenting parties that results in one individual placing his or her lips on the temple or forehead of another person. It is a show of extreme emotion, affection and joy that exceeds what is expressed in traditional examples of these emotions that do not include physical contact.

In some instances, a kiss on the forehead is also used as a show of appropriate affection that varies depending on the depth and variety of the relationship in play. A kiss on the forehead is considered an intimate exchange between romantic partners, while a similar kiss shared between a mother and child is a display of nurturing love. Kissing someone on the head or temple is a sign of caring for that person and is an acceptable means of expressing love in circles of friends and family, as well as in more private settings.

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