What Does a Larkspur Flower Look like?


The Larkspur flower (from the buttercup family) can come in a variety of different colors, like red, pink, white and blue. They can look as different as their colors, depending on the specific type. Some versions of the beautiful flower are naturally occurring and some are man made hybrids.
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What Does the Flower Larkspur Look Like?
Larkspur--scientific name, Delphinium tricorne--is generally classified as a poisonous weed. It is particularly dangerous to grazing cattle. It is important to be able to identify it in order to eradicate this otherwise attractive plant in pastures and... More »
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I am personally fond of the purple ones. They look like traditional flowers with a leafy crown. They are extremely beautiful when you see them. You can find more info at: farm3.static.flickr.com
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