What does a leopard look like?


Leopards are big light-colored cats with prominent dark spots, called rosettes. Leopards are powerfully built and capable of hauling prey up trees to prevent scavenging or theft by other predators. They can be up to 6 feet long and may weigh up to 176 pounds.

Antelope, deer and pigs comprise the bulk of the leopard's diet, although they have been known to attack humans on rare occasions. Leopards are proficient swimmers and sometimes hunt fish and crabs. In addition to living in Africa, the leopard is also found in Central Asia, China and India, although it's becoming less common in these areas.

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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Panthera Species: Panthera pardus
Leopards (Panthera pardus) are one of the four 'big cats' of the genus Panthera. (The others are the lion, tiger, and jaguar.) They range in size from 1 to almost 2 metres long, and weigh between 30 and 70 kg. Females are typically... More »
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