What Does a Line Graph Look like?


A line graph is most often used in stock charts. A line graph kind of looks like a heartbeat monitor, that is used on patients. It may also have circles at certain points, to indicate values.
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1. Find the slope of one of the lines. The slope is delta-y over delta-x, meaning the rate of change of "y" divided by the rate of change of "x, also known as the &
It looks for all the world exactly as if it were a steep line.
1. Graph a regular line. Ad. 2. Shift it along the y-axis. 3. Move the points on the first line equal distance up or down. Do not shift the points left or right. Ad.
It all depends on what the trend is doing... is it going up, down, or horizontal? If up, it's an up trend If down, it's a down trend If horizontal, it's in a trading
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