What Does a Lion Look like?


The lion is the largest member of the cat family and it can weigh from 350 – 500 pounds. It is about 9 feet long and 3.5 feet tall. It is usually has blond, brown or black fur with long, thick hair covering the head, except the face.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Panthera Species: Panthera leo
The Lion (Panthera leo) is a mammal of the family Felidae. The male lion, easily recognized by his mane, may weigh up to 250 kg (550 lb). Females are much smaller, weighing up to 180 kg (400 lb). In the wild lions live... More »
A lion is a large feline with a light, sandy fur coat. Adult male lions have a thick, furry mane of hair around their face and on their head. An adult lion weighs anywhere from 260 to 550 pounds.
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