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Most lizards are insectivorous and may make a meal out of insects. Some species of lizards are vegetarians, consuming only leaves, flowers and fruits. Other species of lizards like the skink eat primarily plant matter with a few insects, other invertebrates, or small animals. Other larger species of lizards like the Komodo dragon, which is the largest lizard in the world, are primarily carnivorous and are capable of making a meal out of ?you?.
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Lizards eat a variety of foods depending on the species. Lizard diets primarily include insects, but also fruits, plants and small animals.
Lizards have a number of natural enemies including: snakes, birds and other large species of lizards. Some species of lizards break off their tails to get away from enemies while others may swell up or even move their tail or body to frighten away an enemy.
Some of the foods that are eaten by lizards include cockroaches, crickets and wasps. These are small cold blooded reptiles with a long tails and four legs. Many species of lizard change colour in response to environmental changes or stress.
A lizard eats things such as worms, insects, spiders, grass, crickets, leaves, many different plants and several kinds of leafy vegetables.
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A lizard could become a snack for a bird, snake, cat or even a larger lizard. In some countries, people even eat lizards. Why? Are you looking for a new pet to help control a lizard
The natural habitat of the Rainbow Lizard is found in areas of Africa, where the reptile has adapted to survive around human habitations and campsites. In the U.S. the lizard is found
Birds of prey.
Lizards eat ants and other insects that they find on trees.
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