What Does a Load Bearing Wall Look like?


A load bearing wall will hold the floor joists, which can be recognised by looking at the floorboards. These floorboards will run parallel with the load bearing wall. The use of the load-bearing walls is one of the earliest means of construction that was used.
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1. Apply for a building permit and make sure that you comply with the building codes in your area. 2. Assess the wall for electrical and plumbing and hire a professional to redirect
A load bearing wall supports a structure or weight that is above it, transferring that weight to what is below the wall. Also - The most common, as easiest to identify is the exterior
A load-bearing wall or bearing wall, is one in which a wall of a structure bears
Wall that helps support the weight above it, including a second story or roof. Example: Depending on the framing of a house or building, some walls are likely to be load-bearing walls
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