What Does a Low Pulse Rate Mean?


A low pulse rate could mean that you are dehydrated. It could also mean that you are bleeding from somewhere.
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Although there are some normal variations, there is an average pulse rate per minute for adults, children and infants. According to St. Jude Medical Center, the average pulse rate
The average human pulse is about 70 beats per minute (bpm) A slow pulse is usually categorized as below 50 bpm.
A normal heart rate should be between 60 and 100 for someone not exercising.
Well if you mean your heart rate it would be 30-60 that would be low and blood presure wise around 60-80 would be low for BP. Hope that answer you question.
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A high pulse rate, just like low blood pressure is not good as it represents a malfunction between the role of the heart and brain. The faster the heart beats, ...
A weak pulse means that the person has a pulse which is hard to detect. This can be due to medical reasons, like heart failure or low blood pressure. This can ...
A fast pulse could be a signal of dehydration or infection. A fast pulse rate and a low blood pressure is somehow dangerous because, most of the time these two ...
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