What Does a Marijuana Plant Look like?


A marijuana plant is usually green, brown, or gray in colour and it may resemble tobacco. The dried leaves of the marijuana plant are used to make a cigarette which is known as a joint, a pipe or bong. The plant is also occasionally used to mix foods and brew tea.
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Marijuana plants are green in color and have jagged leaves. It will always have an odd number of leaves.
A marijuana plant has 5 leaves with jagged edges. The mature marijuana plants have large buds that grow. The plant can grow up to over 6 feet. There are male and female versions of the plant, female plants carries more seeds in the bud and doesn't grow as tall.
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A marijuana plant is green in color and has jagged leaves with three to thirteen fingers (always odd number) leaves. It can grow up to 20 feet high. A male plant has a stout stems
Marijuana plants are relatively bushy, have slender, 7-fingered leaves (two big and five small), and generally look a bit like their distant cousin, the nettle. When I was a student
Marijuana plants are often identified by their leaf shape. Typically, marijuana plants have slender leaflets of five to seven individual leaves and can be many shades of green with
1 Avoid attempting to cover up the smell. The marijuana plant is a pungent plant and has its own, unique smell. This smell can linger on clothing and rooms for hours, if not days.
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The marijuana plant is a green plant that can grow to a height of five feet. The leaves on the marijuana plant are long and have little slits in the leaves. The ...
Marijuana is a lush, green plant that can be 2-20 feet tall. They have jagged leaves of five and sometimes have a few flowers on the top. Look here for more information ...
The Marijuana plant, while greatly varying in detail depending on the strain and variety of plant, generally is a bright green, tall growing leafy plant. Towards ...
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