What Does a METH Addict Look like?


The physical toll that this drug takes on the body is not something that can be hidden.  Crystal meth can cause tooth loss, sunken facial features and open facial sores among other physical issues.  Due to all the physical issues associated with use of this drug, meth addicts typically look like they have aged 30-40 years in a fairly short span of time.  
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1. Acknowledge your addiction. Before you can successfully get help, you have to recognize there is a problem that requires help. 2. Seek assistance from a doctor, therapist or other
Meth looks like small white or off-white crystals. This is why it is called crystal meth. Meth is a very dangerous and illegal drug, and it can lead to death.
1 Know the truth. Meth is a degenerative substance, meaning you will progressively wither away into a skeleton, and then die a horrible death at its hands. The worst part is that
Normally, people who are addicted to "Meth" can develop incredibly sickly appearances, looking
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As a Meth addict in recovery I can tell u approximately it should be able to all sit in/ on a spoon.teaspoon.without spilling too easy. Hope my answer helps. But ...
People that are high on the drug known as methamphetamine typically look pretty scary. They have crazy eyes, pock marks on their skin, and just appear to be overall ...
Meth looks like a powdered crystal substance that is either white or yellow in colour. Meth may however look like rough rocky substance and its colour depends ...
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