What Does a Microscope Do?


A microscope used to create an enlarged view of an object such that we can observe details of the object. It consists of an eyepiece lens, stage, revolving nosepiece, diaphragm, and an arm. There are two type of microscopes the light and electron.
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Microscopes are used to enlarge small particles that cannot be seen by bare eyes. They are mainly used in research and education and are categorised as optical and electron. An optical microscope uses light while an electron uses beams of highly energetic electrons.
Microscopes enable us to see those things that are normally not visible with the naked eye; such things include atoms, cells, molecules and many more. Microscopes are just tubes packed with lenses, curved pieces of glass that bend light rays passing through them. The simplest microscope of all is a magnifying glass made from a single convex lens, which typically magnifies by about 5-10 times.
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A microscope works by using lights, mirrors, and glass to magnify. The mirrors and glass bend the light in a certain way that it makes small objects appear larger ...
A microscope is an object used to see objects that are too small to be viewed using naked eyes. The purpose of a microscope is to enlarge and make the tiny objects ...
A microscope with one lens is called a Monocular head microscope. All microscopes have a light source mounted under the stage known as an illuminator, which helps ...
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