What Does a Mimosa Tree Look like?


A mimosa tree is a medium sized tree that grows between 20 to 40 feet tall. It has fern-like leaves that have 20 to 60 leaflets per branch. The bark is light brown and smooth and it usually produces flowers that are pink in colour. Its fruits are flat and arranged in pods like other legumes.
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What Does a Mimosa Tree Look Like?
Mimosa trees are graceful trees with feathery leaves arranged like miniature palm fronds. Their tiny leaves close like hands when touched--even by the rain--and their pink, red or yellow flowers are composed of thousands of individual rays like fireworks.... More »
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A mimosa tree is also known as a silk tree. It is part of the legume family. It has bright green leaves that resemble a fern with pink/mauve flowers.
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Mimosa trees are so pretty. They have feathery like leaves that are arranged like miniature palm fronds. They have tiny little leaves that are pink.
Mimosa trees grow to their full height of 30 to 40 feet quickly, but they are also short-lived. The average lifespan is 20 to 25 years. Mimosa trees are hardy from zones 6 to 10.
a mimosa in Guam island U.S.A(where i live) look just like leaves.I'm not sure what kind of mimosa. but the cool thing is mimosa in Guam if u touch it, it folds. i cant get the picture
Silk tree, also known as mimosa, or silky acacia, is a
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