What Does a Molecule Look like?


A molecule is defined as a group of at least two atoms in a definite arrangement, held together by covalent chemical bonds. A molecule may consist of atoms of a single chemical element, as with oxygen (O2), or of different elements, as with water (H2O). Molecules are microscopic and what we are used to in chemistry, is the representation of molecules with inter-linked ball and stick figures, however, the real appearance of a molecule is much more complex, they look like connected balls.
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DNA cube FTW Close second is the "arbitrarily through shape" the "three-holed disk": Just for kicks I present the DNA dolphin Embed Quote
This is such an interesting question! The problem is that molecules are too small to be seen directly, and what we think of as the "shell" does not really exist as a real
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Lipids are molecules that are hydrophobic or insoluble in water because the
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Molecules look like little beads on a string. The remind you of the string of beads they taught us to count with because sometimes they are stuck together.
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Water molecules look like polar molecules. There are more electrons on the Oxygen side of the molecule and less positive charges on the Hydrogen side of the molecule ...
The Jupiter it is too dark inside such that you can't see anything. This is because of the too much gas due to the presence of hydrogen molecules in there. ...
The cell membrane is made up of two layers of molecules. It looks like a thin layer around the cell. The cell membrane is present in both animal and plant cells ...
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