What Does a Mongoose Look like?


A Mongoose has brown or gray grizzled fur with long bodies and short legs. Its size ranges from 7-inch-long to 24-inch. Mongoose is generally a terrestrial mammal that lives in burrows or tree tops and feds on seeds, fruits and nuts. For more information on how mongoose look like visit National Geographic.
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It looks like a small fox mixed with a ferret.
Mongooses have long faces and bodies, small rounded ears, short legs, and long
The mongoose may look like a harmless little bundle of fur, but beware – this little guy is a snake killer. In fact, the mongoose has been called a snake’s worst enemy
Mongoose: any of various Old World carnivorous mammals of genus Herpestes & related genera, having a slender agile body & long tail. Bit like a ferret!
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Herpestidae
The mongooses are small carnivores of the family Herpestidae. There are more than 30 species included in this family, and they were once classified in the family Viverridae, but have been moved to their own family based on structural differences.
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A mongoose has small rounded ears, a long face and body, short legs and are covered in short brown fur. They also have a long tail. Mongooses have claws, but they are non-retractile.
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