What Does a Moose Eat?


Moose, being the largest of the different kinds of deer there are, can eat up to 100 pounds of plants each day. Moose like to eat twigs from certain trees. One of their favorite things to eat is the water lilies. You can find more information here: http://www.moosefoundation.org/moose_facts.htm
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a moose is a herbivore that means means that eats grass or pretty much eats what deer eat
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The moose is a herbivore feeding on trees, leaves, shoots and water plants.Moose are prey to top carnivores (lynx, wolves, bear, wolverine)
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Moose eat leaves, twigs, bark, shrubs, lichens and aquatic plants.
Moose like to graze along swamps and lakes. They are plant eaters and their favorite plant to eat is the water lily. Moose have few natural enemies, but at times, bears and wolves have been known to hunt moose calves for food.
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