What does a notary stamp look like?


The original notary stamp is one that is actually depressed into the document, leaving an embossed style stamp. Today, notary stamps are mostly just ink stamps that provide the necessary information. They include the name of the notary, state, commission number and expiration date.
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1. Remove the used ink pad - the thick horizontal piece on the front of the stamp - by pushing on it with your finger and pulling it out the other side. 2. Remove the new ink pad
1. Obtain your Notary commission. Before a notary stamp is valid, the person using it must be commissioned as a notary in his or her state. For instructions on how to obtain your
In most U.S. states, a notary can only affix their stamp or seal next to or underneath their signature in a notarial certificate of acknowledgment or a jurat. Notaries can not simply
If you are asking how much it costs to have a document notarized (this includes the stamp) then it can be anywhere from $4 to $6. It should not cost more than this, and should definitely
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