What Does a Park Ranger Do?


A park ranger is a person given the responsibility of protecting and preserving parklands national, or provincial parks. Different countries use different names for the position. A ranger is the term used in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
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Want to learn how to become a park ranger? This rewarding career combines law enforcement with scientific study and preservation of the environment. Park Ranger Requirements Aspiring
1. Volunteer with an organization such as the National Park Service or the Sierra Club. Competition for park ranger jobs is stiff. According to College Board, many people want to
1. Decide what type of park ranger you want to become. Do you hope to work in the back country, or wilderness, collecting environmental data and searching for people who have lost
The United States National Park Service is mandated by Congress to preserve and protect natural, cultural, and historic resources while providing for the enjoyment of future generations
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A park ranger is a person employed by the National Park service to educate and ensure the safety of the national park visitors. They are alert at all times and trained in first aid and rescue operations in order to take care of the injured when accidents do happen. They protect the park's natural resources as they are empowered to arrest or evict anyone who's vandalizing the park.
A park ranger is a person who works on park grounds to aid visitors. His/her duties include preparing lectures, preserving park property and offering tours to park tourists. The important role is that of portraying the park in the most favourable light.
Park rangers work in forests, national parks, and recreational areas to protect its natural environment from fires or contamination. The education required for this field is a Bachelor's degree in environmental or wildlife.
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