How Much Does a Personal Shopper Charge?


The price that a personal shopper charges, is determined by different factors. It can be determined by the shopping distance, time it takes to shop, fuel costs, and the relationship with the shopper. The experience that the personal shopper has, also determines the prices that he charges the customers.
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Personal shopping can be a lucrative career. According to the PayScale website, a personal shopper can earn $10.77 to $24.19 per hour as of August 2010. Earnings can also include
1. Find a store that offers a personal shopper service. Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, Barneys, J Crew and Nieman Marcus all offer personal shoppers. If you prefer to shop at a store
The advantages of a personal shopper is: a. You save time and money. A good personal shopper will have the knowledge on where to buy things and where to find good bargains. b. Gift
A freelance personal shopper might charge by the hour, and often have a minimum requirement of 2-3 hours. Price per hour can range from $65 to $150. But, most department stores in
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To become a personal shopper, start by get some experience in that area. Retail sales will give you a great foundation. Do your research in that area, take notes ...
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