What Does a Personal Shopper Do?


To become a personal shopper, start by get some experience in that area. Retail sales will give you a great foundation. Do your research in that area, take notes while you are at it and build a library. Make the change from being a popular sales person at a department store to being a personal shopper. When you are ready, go solo by organizing your skills and marketing your portfolio.
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A personal shopper is someone who assists another with his or her shopping. The personal shopper can be a freelancer who hires his skills out to a select group of people. Personal shoppers can also work for large stores in specific departments.
The role of a personal shopper is to shop and he or she can be hired by individuals, companies, and retailers to position a variety of merchandise, from clothing and furniture to groceries and employee gifts. Some of the things they can be hired to buy are Christmas gifts for busy people and business gifts for companies.
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