What does a philatelist do?


A philatelist is a person who is involved in collection and study of postage stamps. The philatelists study the postal history and other issues relating to the stamps especially those that have been collected and preserved in a certain museum.
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A Philatelist is an individual involved in planning and organising the acquisition, storage of exhibition of collections and the administration of these collections, artwork, collectibles and historic items. The individual also writes and checks grant proposals, periodical articles, reports, and publicity materials.
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Someone who collects stamps is called a philatelist. This word is of Greek origin where it means one who loves pre paid taxes. A person who studies or is an enthusiast ...
President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the American president that was a Philatelist. FDR was the 32nd president. He served as president from 1933 until 1945. ...
Antique stamps are key components of any philatelist's collection. These vintage stamps can tell a little bit of history in a tiny piece of paper whose value is ...
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